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I think sometimes people forget that the government is in fact, here to serve the people. We do not exist to serve them - though their pay packets may make some think otherwise. At the end of the day, their job, that they receive those huge pay packets for, are to serve the people, to make this country the best country it can possibly be, to make a safe, successful and energetic environment for our future generations. Our government is to support every Australian citizen, including Julian Assange. That is their job. Our Government is not to keep important secrets from us, like signing the ACTA (see previous rebloggings on ACTA). Our Government is to create a safe environment for the people, not to try and gain political brownie points by instigating a riot. Our Government’s job is to bring all people together as one, not cause division and hate as part of a smear campaign against the different factions. Our Government seems to have forgotten the most basic rolls of their position. You are answerable to the people, and you WILL answer to the people. The backlash against the Labour government will be nothing short of spectacular, and I am glad that I will be able to watch the ALP fall. No one can trust a government that stabs their own in the back, places their own poppet (aka Gillard) in the new position and then let her fail in ways that make the nation feel that women are have no place in politics. I am deeply offended as a woman by Julia Gillard, Julia Gillard is a terrible representation of women, and she has failed us terribly. The question is, was she set up to look this bad? And that brings you back to what sort of a Government have we got running our country? What sort of a Government leaves an Australian citizen out to dry because it doesn’t want to offend the US? Julian Assange deserves 110% support from our government. He is a fighter for our right of freedom of information. When did that become so terrible that your Nation’s leaders would turn their backs on you? When your National leaders heads are up the ass of the United States of America, that is when. This is my opinion, and my opinion will show at the election booths in QLD this year, and the Federal Elections in 2013, or before if we are lucky!

Singapore Sucks! A Book Review

I recently recieved this in the mail, I finished reading it last night. Before I comment on the book, I want to explain how Singapore is seem from not just myself, but quite a few Aussie’s that I know. We are terrified of Singapore, when talking travel to Asian countries, Singapore is a no go zone, you just don’t want to go there. Even though it presents as this beautiful city with so much to offer, it’s the “darker” side of Singapore that frightens us. Stories leak out, video is shown on TV of customs. For us tame little Aussies, seeing an airport full of men armed with big powerful looking guns is quite scary. The tales of friends who did make the trek there is of how oppressive it is, of how fear seems to hang in the air. And that is just the airport! And when we hear about incidents, and their punishments, we think words like - barbaric, cruel, unlawful, and just plain unfair. We are hard pressed to understand how such a modren looking place could be so far behind the times.
None of this has anything to do with race, on all counts the Singapore people that we meet here in Oz are among the nicest to come from Asian countires, no this is about the Singapore governent, and how outdated and barbaric their system appears to us. Of course when I say “us” I speak of every day Australian citizens, some well travelled, some of us not, we watch the news and read the paper, we live in Asian toursit hot spots and do get to mingle with them and find out about their cultures. And in my case, I have the honour of knowing one quite well, a dear friend he is, and since meeting him, it has only lead me to believe that everything we have ever thought of Singapore is probably true.
Well, after reading Singapore Sucks! I now know it is true. I was hugely moved during and after readig the book. For someone who comes from what is globally known as ‘the Lucky Country’, it was extremely hard for me to wrap my head around some of the things I read. Sometimes I had to go back and read it again, just to make it sink in. This is how they live ?I just couldn’t grasp it, couldn’t understand how a supoosed advanced country could be so backward. Mind, I did enjoy quite a lot of the writing, it was extremely well written, in a way that the reader could experience the writers words from your lounge. Parts of it made me smile, parts of it made me angry, and parts of it made me just plain sad. Reading the words from Brian C Rideout, I was so deeply moved I had to stop reading for a bit and recompose myself. Upon finishing I sat back and tried to imagine what life must be like for my dear friend living in Singapore, and I can only just grasp the very edges of what it must be like. But than, I cannot.
All in all, I found the book very enjoyable, and informative. I think everyone should have to read it, it is certainly an eye opener. And I admire so deeply the bravery of these people, who refuse to just lay down and be counted. Highly recommended.
Singapore Sucks! can be purchased through this website here:



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